Saturday, May 5, 2012


My schedule until further notice is 6pm til ~ 2 am... Saturday through Wednesday. Monday through Wednesday I act as Floor Supervisor for the cash games. On Saturdays and Sundays I work as evening Tournament Director. This generally includes overtime as I must stay until the contest ends. I am happy with this. The overtime is good money and helps me to maintain my average of +30 hours a week which I need to qualify for medical benefits.

On the downside, the only time I will see the sun is as it sets and rises...or as it peeks through the shades of my bedroom window. Milk will have to suffice as my source of Vitamin D for now. Life is obviously quite different when you wake up at 5:00 pm. The majority of those around you are finishing their days before yours starts. And when you are dragging yourself home after a long nights work, elderly folks are walking their dogs or headed off to McDonald's to sip on a scalding hot bucket of coffee, nibble on tater tots, and leaf through the latest edition of USA Today.

Police are ever-present during my commute home. This comforts me more than it annoys me, despite having been pulled over and harassed recently. The officer claimed that I was driving "suspiciously slow" and that he smelled alcohol in the car. He then asked me for permission to search the vehicle. I sighed and, using the most respectful tone I could muster, stated that he has no right to do that without probable cause, and that he would need warrant to continue. Anticipating the reaction that this would likely spawn, I volunteered to submit to the field breathalyzer test so that he could see I was sober and let me go on my way. This request seemed to surprise him as he went silent for a moment. I believe he came to the realization that his fishing expedition was a failure, and decided to abort. He mumbled something about being careful and that he would be watching me... and disappeared as quickly as he arrived. I continued home without the annoyance of some bullshit ticket to rationalize his attempt to violate my 4th amendment rights.

I have decided its not a great idea to try and adjust back to normal hours on my days off, as it will make those first couple days back at work that much harder. So, I have become a creature of the night. I won't go so far as to say it makes me feel isolated from society, (this is Vegas after all) but I cannot help but smile at the odd nature of encountering drunks and party-goers during the equivalent of morning. My heightened level of awareness at such an hour must make me appear as though I am seeking something out, as I have already been propositioned by working girls on several occasions. Either that, or I am swimming in testosterone.

Being around at late hours leaves me vulnerable to crime. As I was leaving the Wynn casino a couple weeks ago, I arrived at my car to find it had been broken into. They smashed my drivers side window, reached inside and opened the door. The stole my fanny pack (yes I have a fanny pack) that was sitting in the passenger seat. They made off with $40, two extra strength Tylenol, a magnetic name-tag, and small bottle of hand moisturizer. Fortunately they did not take the time to look for more items as they would have found my Garmin GPS, a bottle of Adderall, my passport, my checkbook, my work ID card, and an acoustic guitar. I've learned my lesson about leaving any items of value in my car. I got home around 5 and made the claim on my insurance website. I took a short nap and at 830 was in Henderson at the Safelite glass place, sleeping in a chair while the window was being replaced at $0 cost to me. Thanks Allstate... it appears I am in good hands with you.