Wednesday, July 22, 2009

6 more.

I finished my 6th of 6 tennis lessons last night and immediately purchased 6 more. I;m enjoying this sport.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happiness, more or less. It's just a change in me, something in my liberty. Happiness, coming and going. I watch you look at me, watch my fever growing. I know just where I am.But how many corners do I have to turn? How many times do I have to learn? But how many corners do I have to turn? All the love I have is in my mind? How many times do I have to learn? Well I'm a lucky man with fire in my hands. Something in my own place. I'm standing naked smiling...I feel no disgrace. Happiness, with who I am.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nice Weekend

Melina and I headed out to Chula Vista for the Incubus show on Thursday night. It was a very good set. I had forgotten how many hits they had put out over the years. The band sounded great and Brandon Boyd is just dreamy. On Friday we went and saw "UP", a fun Pixar animated film about an old man that flies his house to South America using helium balloons. Then on Saturday we played tennis for a bit and then took a jog around the bay in Coronado. That afternoon we hopped in the car and drove up to LA to meet some friends and go see the Rise Against /Rancid show at the Forum. I've been to a lot of rock shows and was in a band for years so I am no stranger to high decibels...but this was damn near deafening. It was so loud, we shoved toilet paper in our ears and then could hear just fine. After the show we stopped by an old friend's house to wish them a happy anniversary. We had a bit too much to drink so we stayed the night in LA. The next morning we grabbed breakfast at "One of the best breakfasts in LA" before heading back down to San Diego.

We got home at about noon and then took the namesake on the Rusterthon.

Just another beautiful day in paradise.