Monday, November 24, 2008

Escolar, Migraines and True Blood.

Melina and I went over to Stadium Golf on Friday night and swung the bat at some softballs in the batting cages. We tried both the fast pitch and slow pitch cages. The fast pitch wasn't aimed properly and we had to stand almost 6 feet in front of the plate to get a good cut at it. Melina went first and had a bunch of good hits. She said her whole body is sore though. I went next, and after 40 or so pitches without batting gloves, my left hand was getting pretty raw. I still had more pitches to go so I flipped over to the other side of the batter's box and took a few hacks at it left handed. Whack! Pitch after pitch I drove them solidly into what would be the right center-field gap. Now, its been years since I played baseball or softball, and even during that time I never once attempted to hit the ball left handed. As it turns out, I probably should have. My stride and form was much better from that side of the plate. Who knew?

Later we stooped by the liquor store and got a cheap bottle of pinot Grigio. I woke up with a head crushing pain the next morning. I figured I'd get some water and food in me and all would be better. Yeah...No. I must gone through 1000 mg of Ibuprofen and still wasn't able to get much relief. This continued on Sunday as well, forcing me to miss JBC. It wasn't until I bought some excedrin Migraine medicine later that I finally killed the pain.

Melina and I went over to Blue Water for dinner over the weekend. If you live in the area and you've never been, I highly reccomend it. All they do is fish. This night they had a sign that advertised they had a special on Escolar. I happened to already know a few things about this particular fish after reading about it in another blog that I follow.

..."oily orange diarrhea, discharge, or leakage from the rectum that may smell of mineral oil. The discharge can stain clothing and occur without warning 30 minutes to 36 hours after consuming the fish. The oil may pool in the rectum and cause frequent urges for bowel movements due to its lubricant qualities and may be accidentally discharged by the passing of gas."

Fuggetahboutit. Nothing tastes that good.

We went about ordering and consuming our meals. While we were finishing up, a gay couple came in to shop for some fish to bring home. "Hmmmmm. What is this Escolar?," he asked. The man behind the counter described the texture and taste of the fish, but left out the gastrointestinal side effects and suggested serving size. I suppose that would not be the best selling point. I was half tempted to let these poor gents know what they were in for, but I have a feeling the management wouldn't appreciate me grossing out the customers like that. So, we just let them go. Have a nice dinner boys.

The season Finale of HBO's True Bloodwas on Sunday. We've been hooked since the first episode. The finale was not dissapointing and it'll be a long winter until we get new episodes again in June.

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