Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nice Weekend.

It was just another beautiful weekend in San Diego. After lounging around and having a few cocktails on Friday night, Melina and I woke up late on Saturday and joined friends for breakfast. We all decided to go see Star Trek at the IMAX theater, but not before running by my house so I could give my friend a haircut. The IMAX theater is a bit farther than we would normally go to see a movie. The haircut made us a bit late, and the movie was sold out. That's not to say that movie didn't sell out long before we got there...which it probably did. We opted to watch the "regular" version, and reclined into what were probably the most comfortable movie theater seats we had ever sat in. Plus we had the low railing in front of us and no other chairs so we could put our feet up. Not bad. The movie itself was fun, I thought, and well put together by J.J. Abrams. People who aren't familiar with the characters might not have enjoyed it as much. I give it about 3 stars.

After the movie, the sun had come out, and Melina and I went on a run through Golden Hill and South Park.

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Later we met up with my old roommate and friends for his 30th birthday. They chose the Riveria Supper Club, which is a nicer, newer, less dark and cockroachy version of the Turf Club in Golden Hill. If you like to get plastered for $6, I suggest you order a drink at the bar. Saying "Vodka Soda" got me a very heavy pour in a pint glass, with a splash of soda. We both had to drink down a bit and ask for more mixer. Melina asked me to finish her drink, which prompted me to hand her the keys. Thanks for driving!

Sunday was another installment of JBC, or as I like to call it "Come if you want walking to be painful for the following 3 days." Sure enough, there were plenty of squats, and "elbow to instep", frogs jumps, lunges, "groiners", to make sure that our hamstrings and quads scream at us for the next 72 hours.

that afternoon I trekked over to Santee to the home of the Lucky Dog Poker League. They were running a $100 satellite that afternoon in conjunction with the PCC. Things went pretty well for me, as I doubled my stack on the very first hand and knocked a player out. It wasn't much later that I knocked 2 players out in one hand, giving me enough chips to almost sail right into the 2 person payout. So, yay, I won my seat into the $500 buy-in tournament this coming Saturday. The winner of that is off to Vegas and the WSOP. I hope its me.

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