Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Officially freaking out

The blog has had no pictures. That would be because my camera is MIA. I know where it is, but haven't had the opportunity to travel halfway across the county to get it. I do however have a few photos from the "80's" party that we attended this weekend. I was kinda digging the cheeseball mustache, but ended up shaving it anyway. I only have a few photos.

Melina and I stayed at the party for a short time. I had two tall club sodas, we mingled a bit, but were still home long before midnight.

It started over the weekend but has really kind of hit me today, and i am feeling the first of what might be referred to as "withdrawals". I feel like I've taken on a bit too much what with the restrictive diet, the sobriety, and poker hiatus all at once. I suppose I will be almost halfway there in a day, but man... I've been fantasizing all day about ordering a pizza, tearing into a six-pack of domestic beer, and spazzing around in cyberspace.

Instead I turn to activities that just tire me out. Like the "Rusterthon." This is a 10K round trip with a stop in the middle at the Balboa Park "Dog Park". It gets its name from its main beneficiary, Rusty the dog. We run him all the way to the leash-free area and then let him go. Then we run back (or walk). Its a great way to exhaust him on the weekends so that he will calm down a bit while we are at home.

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Melina said...

Whoa! The Rusterthon is longer than I thought...

Greg said...