Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do you ever wonder....

What is up with fat, blubbery, hairy, old men that seem to wander aimlessly around the locker room? It's rare to spot these guys out in the actual workout area. No, their presence is pretty much confined to the changing area. You can;t help but notice when you stop by to change into your running shoes, or to shower off afterwards... that there he is again...in all of his Sasquatch-like glory, choosing not to employ the age-old method of drying himself with a TOWEL, but rather to march endlessly back and forth between the sink, his locker, and some other unknown destination to drip-dry or better yet...stand spread-eagle beneath the hand dryer. You start to think that he doesn't even workout, but heads straight for the showers. After all, he is in horrible shape despite his being there every day (easy to ascertain because he is there EVERY time you randomly choose to get some exercise)You would think a guy thats spends as much time as he does at the gym would have even the slightest muscle tone or a body fat percentage below 30%.

Does some sort of hormone kick in after the age of 55 whereby one is compelled to publicly, and forcefully I might add, display themselves despite having the opposite of what would normally be considered a physique worthy of showing off?

I try my best to ignore, but its just too weird.

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