Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving (skip if you are turned off by sentiment)

My list of things for which I am thankful is longer than would fit comfortably into one post, but a few highlights will serve to remind me of how lucky I am.


To all my wonderful friends that I've made over the years. When I moved to San Diego in the summer of 1996, I didn't know a soul. For no reason that I can really explain, I took a job that wasn't close to where I lived. In doing so I was introduced to a group of people that remain close friends to this day. It's something that is easy to take for granted when the relationships have remained so strong for so long...but it is not often the way things go...and I am so thankful to have that kind of love in my life. Thanks to all of them for being the great people they are.

My family...the most important support group of all. For my health and the health of my family. We have had a few scares recently...but we all are doing pretty well. To have most of my family here in the same city... healthy and happy, is an amazing thing.

Financial Stability. Most people have had a rough time the last few years. Whether it is pure luck or some kind of serendipitous thing, I have managed to find a niche...and it has provided me with the means to take care of myself and live s relatively stress-free life. I know what its like to be out of work, or to work several jobs, at odd-hours, or to be working when everyone else is relaxing or going out. I've done all those things...and it makes me really appreciate having things they way they are now. Sure... I am not making as much headway as I would have expected by this time in my life... but all those expectations were based on relatively stable economy. Things are alright!

Melina. For her intelligence, insight, and compassion. For loving me unconditionally. For taking me as I am... with my faults and strange idiosyncrasies. Thanks for being such a cool woman.

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Melina said...

That was very touching. I love you SO MUCH Greg Kelley. :)