Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Post Coming - 2010

My Holiday posts are pretty much on hold while I wait for the pictures to be sent to me. In short, the holidays were great. Lots of time off with family, friends, and loved ones, and beautiful weather to boot. Once again I cannot re-iterate enough how good I am at vacation. I might have found my life's calling.

I hear a lot of people saying "Good riddance to 2009." I guess a lot of folks had a not so good year. I can't really share that sentiment. I was happy and healthy. Plus Jan 1 is just another day, so I don't really see how the year flipping over changes much of anything...except in your mind. Its just a choice... but I suppose we need things like "New Year's" to help us facilitate a mental change.

On to 2010 then. I will be taking up my monthly life experiments again this year. This month I have pledged not to curse. I can still say "F", or extremely clean derivations of the better known curse words, but any slippage and I have to put $10 into the curse jar. What that money will be saved for (hopefully there isn't any) will be determined later.

EDIT: I thought maybe I will have to donate the money to the Republican Party. That should stop me... right?

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