Monday, July 19, 2010


Tell me why am I so elusive
When it's clear I should be straight?
Why do I reveal so much when
It would seem to be too late?

Do I recognize each opportunity
And watch as it passes me by?
Am I so frightened of failure
That it's just easier not to try?

Do I just stand there frozen
With a path before me so clear?
Do I just turn and walk away
To find my way back here?

Can I make myself forget?
Can I fill the void so fast?
Can I find a way to move ahead
Before I've reconciled the past?

Can I let it all stay broken
Possessing tools to make repairs?
Can I turn away from all of it
And pretend that I don't care?

Can I accept this as it happened
Make amends, then leave it be?
Have I the strength to crush it
And dispose of the debris?

Will I see things for what they are
Or will it remain a mystery?
Will I wallow down in the mire
Or can I wash this off of me?

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