Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quick thanks...

With no small bit of sincerity, and at the risk of sounding melodramatic...I'd like to pause and be thankful for another year of health and peace whilst living in a veritable paradise that so many are unable to conceive of.

It was year of transitions. From routine to none. From order to chaos. From resistance to acceptance. From fear to courage. From regret to hope. From loss to gain. Of course these are all cyclical...and purposefully vague, but illustrate a shift in mindset. I've continued to focus much of my energy inward, towards improving my general mode of operation and attitude. Unfortunately, that meant many of the people in my life did not receive as much energy from me as they might have come to expect, or needed. To them, I apologize for my selfishness and neglect, and make a promise to continue striving towards balance. For those that stuck with me, I cannot thank you enough for your patience. To those that could not, I understand why you had to go and I will miss you.

So much can happen in year, yet it goes by so quickly. I am looking forward to this next one holding just as many surprises.

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