Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Oh, I forgot...

...before we went back to the hotel we drove over to the other side of town to go to Pet Kingdom USA to look for hedgehogs. Hedgies make great pets but like just about every "exotic" animal, are illegal in California. We might have bought one on this day but they only had an Albino, and we were more interested in a regular colored one.

Fast forward to where I left off. While still in the card game, I called over to the Comedy Stop at the Trop to make see if they had a show that night. Yep. So, I cashed out and then Melina and I went over to the Spa for a couple of hours before getting dressed and heading over to the show.

The comics were Jimmie Walker (yes that Jimmie Walker), Natasha Leggero and the headliner was Ron Shock. Shock is hilarious. He is also a Vegas local and a poker player. I knew I recognized him from somewhere, and when my brother mentioned that he had played with him at Mandalay Bay numerous times it rang a bell.

show was a lot of fun, and since it was still early, we decided to go see some more sights. This brought us over to the Wynn to rub elbows with the high rollers and have a look at a Ferrari or two. While there we sat down in a $10/$20 Hold Em game that quickly broke. We played 2 hands at 4/8 before deciding it was pointless, and we left.

We got back to our hotel after midnight, and after some more gambling and drinking we caught a very late dinner at the cafe where Melina got a Reuben and I got some weird Chow Mien dish that would've been fine except it seemed like they "baked" it or something because the edge of the noodles were crispy and everything was really effing hot. Completely satisfied, we retired.

We checked out the next day and then drove over to the Venetian to see a bit of the hotel and have lunch at Noodle Asia. You know a Chinese place is good when everyone sitting, and waiting in line, is Chinese. Our wait took longer than our meal, but it was worth it.

After lunch we hit the road as I preferred to drive home in the daylight. Yeah, that was probably a mistake. The traffic was pretty much wall to wall from well before the state line until we got to Barstow. Yikes. At one point I actually considered turning around and going back to wait until the middle of the night. But we gutted it out and made it home in about 6 hours.