Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busted (again)

Well this shouldn't take long. I went over to the Rio last night to register for event #51, so that I could avoid the lines this morning and stroll in leisurely a little bit late. This morning I got up after a nice rest, worked out a bit in the room, took a shower, had breakfast with Matt, and then drove over to the Rio. That was about an hour ago.

When I arrived I noticed my table was in the area that they play cash games... so I knew my table would be one of the first ones to break. My plan was to sit back, be very patient and wait for a good spot... not forcing anything.

We started with 4500 in chips and the blinds at 25-50. I folded the first two hands dealt, and then on the 3rd hand, a guy raised from early position to 125 and got two callers. I called from the small blind with 88. THe flop came 862 rainbow and I checked. The original raiser checked, the cutoff bet 350 and the button called. I check-raised to 1175. The original raiser folded as did the cutoff and the butoon very quickly shoved all in. Obviously there is no thought here as I have the very best hand possible, so i call. He reveals 97os for an open ended straight draw for his tournament life. He hits it immediately when the 10 hits the turn, and I do not fill up on the river. Crippled down to 400 chips I get it in a few hands later and lose.

Now the axiom here is that if you're going to take a wicked beat in a tournament and get busted, its best to do it in the early rounds so that you don't sit around for 12 hours. I guess that's true, but I would've like to have at least played a little bit to get some kind of an idea of what the play is like in these. My sample size is obviously too small.

There's nothing you can do about bad luck. I'm just very disappointed that I didn't double up to a nice healthy stack like I am supposed to there. Sorry to everyone that invested in me, and that was following along. This is one of these brutal horror stories that you hear about. Its just a bit shocking when it happens to you.

Now.... I'm going to the pool.


Craig E said...

Dude that is as sick an entry beat as I could imagine. I feel bad for yourself and all your investors. No Limit Hold'em is really a sick and unfair game, there's no two ways about it.

I am hopeful that you will be able to avoid the poker tables for the remainder of your trip. If it's just not going your way, might as well save what you have left. Many regrets for your unfortunate bad luck.

Greg said...

thanks craig, i really appreciate the sympathy. I was pretty dejected.