Friday, June 12, 2009


The first trip of the summer to the WSOP did not go well. In fact, it went decidedly awful, as I lost nearly my entire poker bankroll. This is not something to slit my wrists over, or make me give up the game. I simply caught a bad turn of luck, which unfortunately does play a role. I'm not particularly unhappy with the way I played, though on 1 occasion I did make a poor choice to stay in a game after it got tough. Meh, whatever... these things happen.

I had been trying to win my way through a series of online tournaments, but just as I got geared up to really grind at it, it seems I can no longer deposit money on the site. Wow, just goes to show how far the feds head is up its own ass. "Let's seize 30 million one time, instead of legalizing, regulating, and taxing it so we can make 1 billion every year."

I ran pretty well this week since coming home and was considering going back to Vegas this weekend, but birthday celebrations and other previous engagements preclude me from doing so. Perhaps the following weekend. I still believe there are massive amounts of dead money to be had... although I noticed a seemingly much tougher average player in the Venetian Deep Stacks events. I think the lower buy-in events at the WSOP are still filled with home-game heroes and other novice players with delusions of grandeur. Hmm... sounds like me actually.

On other fronts... FLO TV goes nationwide tonight as the digital transition allows us to light up markets that were occupying our owned spectrum with an analog television signal. Tonight we flip the switch. It is the hope that having a nationwide footprint will allow our partners to advertise nationally and get more subscribers. The next few months will be telling.

Now, here it is... your moment of Zen.

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