Thursday, August 6, 2009

Health notes

I have gotten a bit skinny, down to 157 lbs. That's pretty light for a 6' frame, yet somehow I still have the love-handles. So I have started a new fitness plan that has me doing three light sets of calestenthics per day in addition to regular workouts and cardio. The first workout takes place moments after waking up, and its just not that easy to go from sleeping to doing 40 push-ups. guest room looks like an infomercial...but the perfect push-ups and the door-frame pull-up bar really do get a lot of use. I guess there is no substitute for good old fashioned weight training if you are looking to bulk up fast, but you really can accomplish alot using just gravity, leverage and your own body weight.

Melina and I still try to get out at least once a week and run the Rusterthon or the Hipsterthon, and there is boot camp on Sunday. Add in tennis 2-3 times a week, and the cardio is pretty much covered.

Now, if I could just stop eating cookies....


Melina said...
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Melina said...

I approve of this improvement. <3