Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tennis notes

My tennis lessons have been moved to Sunday mornings at 1030 at the North Park courts. This means I will be missing JBC for the next few weeks. My game is coming along. The forehand is becoming a weapon when I can time it correctly. For me, the problem had been waiting on it. I/we have a tendency to hit the ball a bit harder/faster during warm-up than we might in a match. Sounds strange, but often enough we might tentatively push the ball around the court in a match waiting for our opponent to make errors... rather than waiting for an opportunity ball to set up a winner. The result for me has been pushing ahead of the ball too much. I'm hitting with different opponents, but often enough I have plenty of time to set up in an open stance and hit a good topspin forehand.... but I just get ahead of myself and catch it too far in front.

Serving is the one part of the game that can be easily practiced without a partner. I should take advantage of that more often, since it probably has been the weakest part of my game. In recent matches it has been coming along in spurts, so I am confident that it will get much better.

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