Monday, June 9, 2008

Early progress.

Just a quick update. I'm easily running a 5k in about 22 minutes now. That's nothing to brag about, but its an improvment. I had another nice jog around Washington DC yesterday. I am still plauged by the side stitch. The point at which it strikes me varies, but it shows up eventually. I have two friends that are distance runners, and I'll try to utilize their expertise and see if I can do something to stop it or avoid it. Some people say "you just gotta power through it." That does not work for me. When it strikes, its a matter of minutes before it becomes absolutely debilitating. I can hardly walk, much less breathe.

I've been running hot in online poker tournaments lately. I've had 3 final tables in the last week, but I will exclude any results before I set my goal...(conveniently since I lost most of it back in cash games) So, last night I invested $20 in a tournament. There were 653 entrants, and I finished 6th. That was good for $956. The blinds were huge at the final table and I had to go broke with KQ suited after I made a button raise and got put all in by the BB. At first I was very disappointed in myself for going broke with that hand, but after I ran it through a few times, I realized it was almost unavoidable in that situation. It's still very disappointing though as I was average in chips before the hand began...and first place was $4700. Ouch. That would've put me halfway to my goal really early.

Ok, more later.

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