Monday, June 9, 2008


Well I ran the Camp Pendleton 10K Mud Run on Saturday with Melina, Frankie, Steph, Sean, Scott, and others. It was a really fun time. They had obstacles, walls, mud pits, river crossings, serious hill climbing, etc. I definitely did not go non-stop, I walked a few times to wait for the rest of my group. So, nope, I have not achieved that goal yet. Many pictures were taken, I just haven't gotten them yet. I will edit this post and include them when that happens.

I hurt me knee again. Its one of the ligaments...ACL or MCL or something. I don't know which one. Its been bothering me off and on for over a year, but I really messed it up this time. I really have no idea when the original injury occurred...but it was probably snowboarding. Anyhow, I was laid up all day Saturday and Sunday with ice on it. It feels pretty good today, but suffice to say, its going to make my goal of a non-stop running 10k this month quite difficult if its doesn't heal quickly. I should really get an MRI and see whats the matter, but I've got to find out what kind of portion I would have to pay outside of my insurance coverage.

The poker remains as it was since my last post. I played last night and broke almost dead even. I'll likley play some more tournaments this week. I'll keep you "posted".



Chris / Chuck said...

Take care of that knee before you do anything else. It would suck if you agrivated something that could have been easily treated.

Just my opinion though.

Greg said...

I will take warning. ty.

Melina said...

GOOD LUCK at PCC tonight!!! I think I'm gonna try some online poker ;)

jdawg722 said...

I enjoyed reading the $500 May. I was glad you were successful. The 10K June looks very intriguing. Make sure you take care of that knee or it will have lasting effects down the line. The Mud Run is always a good time. Good luck on the 10K.