Friday, October 10, 2008

Actual cravings

Last night was a tough one. Having already gone to the gym, eaten, and caught up on some programs on my DVR, I was left alone in my living room with not much of desire to anything but drink and/or play online poker. I suppose I could've read a book or played guitar but my mind was way too spastic to be able to accompish any of those things effectively. I was defnitely uncomfortable. I made due with what I could and managed to lick the poker bug by logging on and just watching the sickest of the sickos play at $2000/$4000 stakes online. That got old fast, so I went for a run to tire myself out, and hit the sack early.

Yes, this is the most boring blog....EVER.

This weekend will be tough. Two social engagments that will both have others drinking around us. Friday won't be so bad as far as drinking atmospheres go, but Saturday will be a themed birthday party at a nightclub downtown. I suppose I;ll just drink more energy drinks... having already formed a brand new addiction.

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