Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OMG, content.

The sobriety is going along with much more relative ease than anticipated. Sure I think about having a beer sometimes, but it doesn't nag at me or drive me nuts. Poker hiatus has been more difficult. My self-exclusion from online has found me visiting the card rooms every now again, something I had almost completely stopped doing because of the atrocious rake structure.

I completely quit the Protein Power diet. This is not to say that it was too difficult or that it was not working. It was actually working too well. The initial stages of the diet put your body into a state of ketosis wherein it is not unusual to lose muscle mass as your body breaks down tissues for nourishment. At the time I started the diet I weighed 163 lbs. I am 6 ft tall, so that already is a tad bit light. I had been sick almost perpetually for 3 months leading up to the start of this experiment, which had led to some malnutrition and lack of exercise. After two weeks on the diet I was down to 154, and frankly was looking and feeling a bit gaunt. I decided to halt the diet and return to a regular balance of moderate carbohydrates and fat, but just increase the exercise considerably. I feel better already, and have begun to rebuild muscle that I'd lost while being ill and on the diet. Weight this afternoon was 163.5. Again, this is not to say the diet was bad... it just wasn't good timing for me.

I'd like to say that the time I would normally spend playing poker has been replaced by something more "worthwhile" and enlightening to you my loyal readers... but to be perfectly honest I simply replaced one form of entertainment with another. I've been busy watching the Red Sox (doh!), new episodes of the new HBO series "True Blood", and reading books. Really. That's it. I know it might be more compelling to read stories of night sweats, convulsions, withdrawals and feelings of desperation...but I've only had one or two evenings where I've been ansty and pacing around the kitchen longing for something "visceral".

"It's my life, it's boring" - Ron Burgandy

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