Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sober at a bar

I know there are probably plenty of people that do it, but despite trying a few times I just can't seem to not feel a bit antsy and uncomfortable hanging out at a bar when I am not drinking. Such was the case this weekend as there was birthday party to attend on Friday at a restarurant/bar that we attended for maybe 1 hour at the most. Once the bass got pumping and the dancing got started, we headed for the door. The next night there was a company costume party scheduled that we did not even attend...anticipating the same scenario. We were a little bit worn out anyway having spent the entire day moving furniture and personal effects from Coronado to Golden event that already ran long and had us missing a movie night at a friends house.

Later that evening, my brother returned home noticeably intoxicated, as indicated by his performing a choke-hold on me, kissing my girlfirend on the lips, and then building a fort out of the living room furniture. I might have been a bit more irritated than I would have been if I was drunk. Later as I attempted to sleep I was kept awake by high volume conversations emanating from the living room. The three paticipants in that conversation were withing 3 feet of each other, yet nearly screaming. I guess alcohol makes you deaf too.

Next weekend will be entirely different. The conculsion of Sober October will be celebrated on Friday October 31st, at a Halloween Party, with a 10 second countdown to November 1st, at which point I will consume alcohol. Saturday is yet another birthday party in which I will again consume alcohol. Sunday I plan to play online poker ALL DAY.

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