Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend 1 in the books

Ok, so my friend was right. Not drinking is not that hard...(for me at least). I guess the trick is just to take yourself out of situations where drinking is the main purpose of the occasion. So obviously I don't go to bars or sporting events. I do have a party to attend this coming weekend, but I don;t think it will be too difficult. See they invented this great stuff called Monster Energy Drink. Its every bit a psychoactive drug as alcohol IMO. One of these things and I'm definitely in an altered state. I like it more than red bull as it doesn't seem to leave me as shaky.

I'm drinking the Low-Carb version because of course I decided to give up pretty much everything this month. Its like Atheist Lent or something. The diet is going fine. I went costco and loaded up on the right food. Its just a little difficult for lunch since I have to prepare everything. No big deal. WE have a grill at work and I use it a lot.

Not playing online poker is well...boring.

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