Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 1

Apologies for not getting any more content up on the days leading up to October 1. I feel that photos make the stories more interesting, and I have none as my camera is MIA. I will take steps to fix that.

Last night at 11:59 I threw back a snort a 15-year Glenfiddich and savored the aftertaste. It'll be the last sensation of its type until midnight Nov 1. I will get an easy start to the sobriety month as I am sick right now and wouldn't be having a drink anyways.

Along with not drinking, I will be starting a different diet. It's very similar to the "Atkins" diet in that it focuses on no-carb and high protein. Since beer is not allowed, I figured this would be a great time to start. I hope to get over this cold so I can begin training again. I've been sick so much lately that I've not really had the energy for strength training. My muscles have atrophied and I am now under 160 lbs. Booo.

There are a few dates this month that would normally be accompanied with alcohol. There is a birthday party downtown where its certain that EVERYONE will be drinking except for Melina and I. Oh yes... my wonderful girlfriend decided that she would not let me suffer alone and is also climbing on the wagon this month. It will be a year since we met this October, but we will be toasting with water not wine. Then of course is Halloween night, which luckily for us, is on a Friday. All we have to do is hold out until midnight...and then...

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