Thursday, May 1, 2008


Most days I carry my laptop and a full gym bag from my bedroom to the trunk of my car. Now since I will be walking a mile to and from bus/trolley stops, I need to figure out a better way to haul my stuff. Somehow I managed to cram it all into this one backpack, with no real room left for even a book.

It works out fine. I had to ditch the towel and toiletries that I kept in the gym bag. I guess I will shower when I get home. Somehow I think I will still not be the smelliest guy on the bus.

The Trolley stop is just under a mile from my house. Its downhill the entire way, which makes it an easy stroll with which to start my morning. I've actually considered taking a different bus home to avoid climbing back up this hill pictured at right. I will try it tonight and then decide.

The Trolley takes me one stop to the Old Town Transit Center where I hop on MTS Route 150 to UTC. Most of this is Freeway with no stops until we get up to La Jolla. It gets off the 5 at Gilman and then stops frequently to pick up a gaggle of UCSD students on the way to class. After a a few stops through campus to drop them off, it goes on to the VA Hospital and then finally over to UTC. I get off just before the Terminus at the corner of Gennesse and La Jolla Village Drive. From there its about a mile walk to work. I realized I could really cut the time if I used a skateboard. If anyone has one I could borrow...please let me know.

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