Sunday, May 4, 2008

Day 4

Total on the food was 72.50, so there is $357 remaining.

Sunday is Boot Camp in the Park day. A friend of mine basically runs us through a bunch of stretching, balance and strength drills for about an hour or so. We meet at a park in Golden Hill, just next to the Balboa Park Golf Course. I had to plan a new route to get over there. It turned out to be really simple.

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The Trolley was a bit slow due to heavy traffic and I missed the #2 bus. So I just started running down Broadway until the next one came by. I encountered my first "crazy" on that ride. Sitting directly across from me on the sideways benches was a middle aged Mexican man, dressed like Milton from "Office Space" complete with tie and coke bottle glasses. He was mumbling to himself about someone following him and seemed to be calling out the cross streets in Spanglish... "Next is Broadway y vente cinco."

The workout was good. I stopped in to see some friends afterward and then took the same route home. I'm just starting to clean up the remaining garbage from yesterdays tournament. The positive environmental impact of my little project has made me more aware of other simple changes I could make to do my part. I already recycle the large amounts of plastic, glass and aluminum we go through. But it occurred to that I dont even need to consume that much even for these tournament. Just cleaning up I found 18 bottles of water, most of which are more than half full. I suppose thats understandable, people don't always want to drink every last ounce that is in the bottle. I could fix this easily buy buying 5 gallon jugs and using plastic cups (that are washable and re-usable) Same goes for the beer. I can just get a half keg instead of cans.

On a work note... today is a big day for my company. We are launching our mobile television service with AT&T. Before this we were only available through Verizon. We have high hopes that the competition in the marketplace will stimulate advertising and marketing of the service. Alas, we had some concerning issues with one of our content providers which will probably result in me clearing my schedule and remaining on standby through out the day. In the end there is nothing I can do is the content is not being sent from the head-end, but management sometimes feels better knowing that all hands are on deck and ready for anything. I will give it a few hours and see. The issue for me is that I have relatived in town and was planning on spending my day with them up at my parents house. I would ride with my brother and grandfather there. But in the event that I had to go into would obviously throw a wrench into things. In all likelihood I will just pack up my things and head into the office. I have plenty of things I can work on while I am there.

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