Wednesday, May 7, 2008

C'mon Charlie! Come to Candy Mountain!

A scheduled day of training at another building introduced me to a new route this morning. For the first time, I missed a bus. Obviously the buses run on a tight schedule but they are just as susceptible to traffic, weather, accidents, etc. So, sometimes they are late. What I did not count on was them ever being early. So when I saw the #41 coming down the road a good 8 minutes early (I had not yet reached the bus stop) I went running across the intersection waving my hands at the driver. He stopped at the corner, picked up some passengers...looked over at me...turned his head back to the front...and hit the gas. I had to wait 20 minutes for the next one. I'm guessing they probably have to do that, or they would be waiting a lot. Lesson learned.

When you're walking a lot, you get more time to look at everything around you. There are signs literally everywhere, for everything. I suppose I sort of knew this but never paid it much mind. I saw this one today, nicely framed by the trees. As I was taking the picture a blind person walked up to me and asked me which way the Braille Institute was. "Never heard of it" I said, and walked away.

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