Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today is the 13th and I'm at $352.91. So its looking pretty good. An honest assesment of the food situation reveals that I should probably allocate another $50 or so towards grub. I'm just ripping through those chicken breasts at night. Im eating 2 or 3 instead of the 1 or 2 that I had planned for. I figure one more bag should be sufficient.

Entertainment is going just fine. When you're forced to do things that don't cost any money, you get a bit more creative with your time. I'm doing more reading, writing (obviously), and getting even more exercise apart from my daily walks and skates to and from the transit stops. I'm getting as creative as I can with my photography given the simple nature of my camera. I might be drinking too often. When you don't have to worry about driving anywhere, its easy to drink more frequently. I'm not drinking to excess, mind you, just more often it seems. That might have something to do with the numerous bottles of whiskey I received for my birthday back in March.

I've not considered what to do with the extra money should I come in way under $500. Suggestions?


Chris / Chuck said...

What to do with the extra cash? Contribute to a ROTH IRA... but then I'm way to practical for my own good.

Greg said...


Sean said...

I dont care, but do not put it in your poker economy. I say buy something to brighten up your room. Maybe a nice framed piece of artwork. Or, set a goal for a trip somewhere (not LV) and go there for fun. Last suggestion.. Don't do anything with it but leave it in your bank account for an unexpected opportunity.

Craig said...

I suggest you just return the money to your regular account, but use whatever bar you set as your goal for next year. As in, if you wind up spending $195 this month, then next year's it's a $194 May.

Matt S. said...

I have to concur with Sean. So much money is wasted on things that have no lasting value (there is nothing to show for once it is gone).

Try to think of something you would want for Christmas. Something that isn't practical, but would give you the excitement of realizing you got a new remote control car as a 10 year old. Hope that makes sense.