Friday, May 2, 2008

Day Two

Good morning! A picture at my trolley stop... and a certain someone requested a here ya go!

I've started to get a feel for the schedules and routes. Everything seems to pretty much go by the half hour...that is to say...if you miss one bus/trolley there will be another one by soon enough. But not always. I found that out this morning, when I got off my bus at UTC, expecting to board another to Mira Mesa ( I would get off just one block from my building) only to find the last morning bus leaves at 8:30. Doh! So, I just hoofed it to the office...and that's fine. The weather is gorgeous and the excercise is good. It looks like I will be taking that walk daily in the morning, as I would have to get up before 7 am if I wanted to hit the last bus connection. That's just not going to happen. I took the steep walk uphill last night, and it was fine. I was huffing and puffing a little, but again, that is not a bad thing. This will be my route.

I did not get a chance to get over to Costco and buy my food, so I just sort of scrounged around in the fridge for dinner. I ate a few carrots, some pineapple, and a glass of tomato juice. I will get over there this weekend for sure...probably on Sunday. Tomorrow is the big poker tournament and we are getting pizza. Yay.

The San Diego MTS website has all the information needed to plan a trip, but often times it is very slow, and sometimes does not work at all. I assume it is maintained by the city, so it should be no real suprise that the server isn't top notch. But never fear, Google comes to the rescue again. In some cities, San Diego being one of them, google maps will give you an option to plan your trip using public transit. Did you know that?


Chris / Chuck said...

That walk up the hill isn't that bad... unless you've been out drinking. :-(

Greg said...

I am going to skateboard most of the time now, but I suppose I will still have to walk up that hill. No worries. Its good for me.