Monday, May 12, 2008

JBC, Mom's Day, and a drive.

Rigorous exercise on a Sunday morning is probably less difficult when you aren't battling a hangover. I wouldn't know as I am yet to try it. After reaching the point of physical exhaustion through a series of squat thrusts, jumps, lunges, iron crosses, and other forms of medieval torture...the group was then humiliated by trying to walk in a crouch, pausing to balance on one foot, from one end of the park to the other, with our eyes closed. We looked like we were hunting for Easter eggs. Boot camp is free (for now), so another "fun" activity I can participate in without threatening my goal. So, finances...I gained an unexpected $8 the night before, basically wiping out the impromptu meal from the the taco shop. On Sunday I purchased my mother a card...for $4.30. We gave it to her at a nice brunch in Del Mar. I offered to contribute up to $0.49 towards the meal, but was told to just hold onto it until June. We got a free whale watching show out of it as well. A pod swam by while we were eating.
I had to go into work on Sunday night. I was going to be in late, so I checked the routes and was disappointed to see that my way home (the only one available that late on a weekend) would take me almost two hours. Knowing that I would have to be back in early the next morning, I elected to drive my car. It didn't technically cost me anything as there was still gas in the tank. After leaving work, I took advantage of having my car and drove to the Palomar club to play cards. I sat down and rather quickly was up $200. Two hands later I had already lost that $200 in a very silly manner. I was irritated enough by it that I thought it best to leave before I did something stupid out of spite. I left up $12...but that total is seperate from $500 May, as poker money comes from an entirely different pool.

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