Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I've heard about high levels of mercury in tuna...mostly bluefin. Apparently, it pools in the base of your spine and is generally not a good thing to have in your body. I've googled it and most of the articles and posts I've seen are in reference to sushi or sashimi. Can anyone offer me some information on this subject? Is there mercury in my lunch? How much? Is even a little bit too much? Should I stop eating it? For the record this is cooked solid white albacore.


Anonymous said...

The FDA recommends that you shouldn't consume more than 6 ounces a week of albacore tuna due to mercury bioaccumulation.

Greg said...

Are you referring to the 2004 FDA Report?

I thought the title of that was:

2004 EPA and FDA Advice For:
Women Who Might Become Pregnant
Women Who are Pregnant
Nursing Mothers
Young Children

Anonymous said...

Partially that report, but mostly from this one:

Stated within is this recommendation:
"The World Health Organization should adopt the more protective EPA’s reference dose for
human exposure to methylmercury."

...which from what I've seen is about 6 oz per week.

Greg said...

F. I'M eating wayyyyyyyyy more than that.

Sucks to waste it...but I'll find something to replace it that isn't serious health risk.

Thanking you...whoever you are.

Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your blog today while wasting time at work, and I found it interesting. Nice job on your budget quest, and you're welcome.

Craig said...

My bigger question:

You eat the tuna straight? Not even a little relish or something? Spices?

I like tuna. You could probably finish what you have before swearing it off. What we've done to this world will be the end of us.

Anonymous said...

you can switch to chunk light it has less of the bad stuff