Monday, May 5, 2008


Eat Less Food and Drink More Water.

A strange thing seems to happen. No matter what time I set my alarm for, or what time I actually get out of bed...I seem to leave the front door at almost the same time everyday. Its like an internal clock that will spend a little more time in the shower, or decide to shave because we are running early. My intention was to wake up a bit early and go running (apparently this is the best time for your body to do cardio) but I mustve reached over and snoozed in my sleep because I don't even recall waking up. So I will go running at lunch instead.
On the walk to the office, I saw some poor dude left his lights on his remarkably well-maintained late 80's Buick. I was gonna go into the front of the building it was parked near and give the license number, but there were 8 buildings and no guarantee this guy was in any of them. I'll run by there at lunch and check again. Beleive it or not, I have a slimjim in my office (total coincidence), and I'm gonna break into this guys car and turn his lights off if he hasn't already. I'll leave him a freaky note. "Congratulations! You've been saved by the phantom headlight guy! BAM!" I had better be careful because the area is patrolled pretty heavily by SDPD.

Well I figured out that I am not really saving that much money by not driving. The bulk of the savings comes from food. Breakfast is an instant oatmeal. Bought in a giant 48 pack that cost 7.49 from Costco, it equals out to $0.24 a day. Lunch is tuna from a 5 lb can. I bought two of them for a total of $21, equaling about $0.67 per day. Lets go ahead and say that its not enough tuna and I need 10 more lbs. That will jack it up to $1.34 per day. Dinner is a chicken breast at $0.53 and a Cup O' Noodles at $0.47 for a cute little total of $1.00 per day. I drink lots of water but that is free at $0.00 there. Beer and whiskey are also not paid for, so...I'm looking at about $2 a day on ingestibles. My guess is I was spending about $20-$30 a day on food, not including nice dinners out. Wow.

In other news, skateboard delivery was delayed a bit. So I will be hoofing it for a bit longer. Also, I am going out to Palm Springs on the 28th for vacation and driving may be unavoidable. But perhaps not. I'll take a look at Greyhound schedules and get back to you.


Chris / Chuck said...

Wow, if you take the bus to Palm Springs, wow. If it were me, I'd just suck it up and drive... or at least split the cost of gas and car pool. Don't take this as an attempt to derail your goal, just a expression of my respect for the committment to your goal.

Greg said...

I checked it out. It would take 4 hours and 20 minutes. Ugh. I could drive all the way to Vegas in that time. Plus the fare doesnt save me that much. All things considered, its really not worth it.

But yes, you're right, the real reason to do it would be to "not drive" even one single day, as it is not going to put me over my limit.