Friday, May 23, 2008

This one is gonna be close!

As I was standing at the bus top at around 5 pm yesterday, a co-worker stopped and asked me if I wanted a lift. I kindly refused but then he mentioned that he lived near me and that it was no problem. "Besides" he said, "this way I can use the diamond lane." How can I argue with that? On the way home I mentioned that I had to go to Costco later and get a bit more food to last me through the month. He said he had to grab some stuff too, so we just went straight there. They didnt have the same awesome value for a giant bag of frozen chicken as the last time, but they had something similar. I picked up two bags of chicken and a 6-pack of egg-whites for a total of $39.89. I bought the Coca-Cola Zero (as in ZERO flavor) a bit later for $4.97 I will bring one bag to Palm Springs with me for the weekend, along with 3 cartons of egg whites (I will be the breakfast guy). The rest will easily last me through the last week of May. So, since I last posted numbers I have made a few purchases and paid bills. We were at $352.26. Since then I bought a $0.42 stamp, two $0.65 snickers, $15 on a night out, $44.86 on the food items pictured, and today I will spend approximately $150 on cable, internet, electricity, gas, and water. That leaves me at about $140.68. I will spend at least $60 on a tank of gas to get to Palm Springs and back. So its gonna be close! I drove my car today. It kind of smelled like gas for a bit when I first started it. Is that normal after its been sitting for awhile? I took it becasue I have to fill up the tank tonight before leaving for vacation tomorrow. And while I really do enjoy being able to sleep or read on the way to work...this isnt a bad way to go either.

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