Thursday, May 8, 2008

No Mom, I'm not wearing a helmet. Yet.

Assisted locomotion arrived in the form of a loaned Sector Nine longboard. Yay, thanks to M for providing and delivering. I used it this morning, and while it gets me places faster there are a couple problems. My hill is super-steep leaving my house. I tried putting one foot on the pavement to slow myself, but the grade really is so steep that it would wear the sole of my shoe pretty can be seen in this hasitly shot and over-exposed video.
Going uphill is obviously only possible on slight grades. I did it this morning. It gives me quite the quad burn, but only in my right leg. And then there is the whole thing that I won't be getting as much exercise...but I suppose there is really nothing to stop me from just carrying it when I feel like taking my time and walking. There are a couple of nice places to skate on the way from UTC to work. One of them is my parking lot. They keep a nice fresh coat of smooth blacktop down all the time.

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